Kathleen Burns Kingsbury

What You’ll Learn Essential skills for advising women in couples How to talk to adult children about money Ways in which you can master your money mindset and earn more What affluent women want from their advisors Kathleen Burns Kingsbury is a wealth psychology expert, behavioral change specialist and author of several books including How…

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Interview with Emily Bouchard & L. Paul Hood Jr.

What You’ll Learn The emotional impact of wealth on beneficiaries. The unique and multifaceted complexities of blended family dynamics. How to address the complexities of your estate planning goals with ease and great communication. Emily Bouchard Emily is the director of, LLC with a mission to improve the lives of couples with stefamilies, with…

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Gary R. Jay

What You’ll Learn Learn about “Your Remarkable Reinvention.” How entrepreneurs, family business owners and others seeking to thrive later in life. How to begin reinventing yourself without making any significant commitments. Gary R Jay has been the owner of Remarkable Resource, Ltd. and has been since its inception 28 years ago. His current work within…

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What Business are we in Now?

Innovation can redefine your business. John Deere is a major company now associated with tractors and engines used in construction, forestry and farming. The original John Deere (pictured right) was a blacksmith who lived in nineteenth century New England. Farmers there often had to contend with very rocky soil. Many eventually left for the Midwest,…

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Low-Cost Innovation by Ian McDermott

In the era of Apple it is very easy for people to get hooked on the artefact and fail to appreciate the kind of thinking that gave rise to it. To achieve effective innovation what is frequently needed is the ability to ask some basic questions and think afresh about what we are doing. (Which…

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